Members of MCC and GJYC cleans Sekmai river bank


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Imphal Jan 28: Showing great concern to the marring of the environment, members of the Manipur Cycle Club in association with Gorkha Jyoty Youth Club cleaned the bank of Sekmai River on Sunday which had been contaminated by picnic goers for New Year day celebration.

Speaking to Imphal Times Spokesperson of the Cycle Club, Niran Thongbam said, “It is a mission to keep our environment clean. But this time I could not joined them as I have fractured my leg.”

Manipur Cycle Club is not only for those who want to ride cycle but it is a group of people who love to keep the environment clean. There are members ranging from age 10 to 60, Niran added. He said, we at the Manipur Cycle Club has been organizing Critical Mass every month end, that is last Sunday to spread awareness among the people of the state for optioning cycle as the medium of traveling to wherever possible. This, he said, will decrease the level of pollution to the environment besides maintaining the health condition of the rider. Now, Cycle riding is a fashion and we would encourage our young generation to chose the fashion, Niran Thongbam who is also an Executive member said.

President of the Manipur Cycle Club, Ramananda in a press communique said the critical mass this time was coupled with river cleaning and awareness campaign about responsible picnicking. Ingredients pollutants threw by People who had picnic the spot at the Hatikhuwa, Kanglatombi portion of the Sekmai river were clean by the enthusiast member of the club.


The event was participated by local youth club members and panchayat member apart from 25 members of MCC Advisors including Dr. RK Ranjan, Roy Laifungbam and Yambem Laba.

This picnic spot drew more than 500 cars during peak season of January and the garbage generated are seen scattered all over the place making this once beautiful location look like some kind of garbage dumping ground, Ramananda added.

He said, While knowing that a day’s effort cannot clean the river and its ecosystem, the team of MCC and GJYC went around and collected used polythene bags, water bottles, locally brewed liquor bags, broken whisky and beer bottles, washing powder and soap wrappers, potato chip wrappers, sanitary napkins, spoiled slippers and shoes, used plastic cups and plates, food leftovers, burned woods etc.

The garbage were picked up from both river bed and the surrounding areas. The team also witnessed picnickers washing their cars on the river itself with indication of water being polluted by oil & other chemicals from their cars.

Ramananda said the effort of MCC and GJYC was to bring awareness about riverine ecosystem and how un-restrained and un-regulated human activities can destroy the system all through the downstream. While, picnic or take a break on riverside is welcome, it was felt that with increasing number of people (with their cars) polluting the Sekmai river there is a need to bring awareness as well regulate the use of the river and its surrounding.

MCC along with riverine based villages along all rivers has committed to work on a Dos and Dont’s for picnics or other non-traditional use of Sekmai River in order to save this river from further destruction.

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